T9051EBF Pressure Washer Operating Instructions

(1)     Check oil level before operating pump, sight glass in front of pump should be half full of sae-30 motor oil.

(2)     Check filter screen in female hose fitting at suction of pump before connecting filler hose. The pump should never be used without a filter screen. Debris in the pump can clog valves or even break pistons or connecting rods.

(3)     Connect hose at discharge of pump only hand tight (do not use pliers or wrench on it) this fitting works with o-rings and will tighten itself when pressure is applied.

(4)     If you want to decrease pressure turn the knob on top of the unloader counter clockwise (-). To increase pressure clockwise (+)

(5)     Pump soap injector will only work at low pressure so the soap is not blown off the material being cleaned. To do this, turn the soap sprayer at the tip of the handle lance, or if you have an adjustable tip pull it out to spray soap. Turning the red knob at the injector, clockwise for less and counter clockwise for more to meter the soap flow.

(6)     The motor attached to this pump has a manual overload that can trip occasionally, if the pump will not start and does not have any sign of power you may have to reset this. It is located at the rear end of the motor either behind the lead box or on the side of the motor behind the lead box.

(7)     The pump is now ready to use. REMEMBER this pump creates 1,000 P.S.I. at 2.1 GPM and never should be aimed at a person or serious injury can occur!

(8)     Always release pressure from discharge line before trying to remove discharge hose from fitting.

Never Do

(1)     Never run pump without oil!

(2)     Never run pump with wrong oil!

(3)     Never run pump with to much oil!

(4)     Never run pump without filter screen!

(5)     Never run pump dry!

(6)     Never use a pliers to tighten discharge hose to pump.

(7)     Never cut ground receptacle off plug.

(8)     Never lay pump in water or spray with hose.


(1)     Change oil after the first 10 hours of operation (New Machines Only)

(2)  Change oil after every 50 hours of operation sae 10-30 motor oil

(3)    Check filter screen after each use.

(4)     In winter make sure pump is not left exposed to extreme cold unless antifreeze is pumped through it.


(1)     Pump will not prime?

(A)    Make sure filter screen is clean.

(B)    Make sure suction hose is being fed with water or below water level of bucket.

(C)    Make sure filter screen washer is good and pump is not drawing in air from the suction fitting.

(D)    Make sure suction hose is not collapsed.

(E)    Make sure handle trigger is being pulled to allow air to escape.

(F)    Remove discharge hose from pump to make sure tip is not clogged.

(2)     I can not remove the high-pressure hose from pump the fitting is to tight?

(A) There is still pressure in the discharge line; press handle to release pressure and it will loosen.

(3)     Pressure not high enough or decreases while I use the pump?

(A) Turn unloader knob clockwise (+)

(B) Make sure filter screen is clean.

(C) Make sure suction hose is not being sucked down to the bottom of the bucket.

(D) Make sure suction hose not being collapsed.

(E) Make sure tip and wand is proper for the pump being used.

(F) Valves probably hung up or clogged.

(4)     I see water in the oil?

(A)    V packing probably bad due to running dry or abrasives in water.

(B)    Pistons probably scared due to running dry or abrasives in water.

(5)     I see water leaking under pump?

(A)    V packing bad.

(B)    Pistons scared or cracked.

(6)     Motor does not even try to start when I put switch on?

(A)    Manual overload tripped. Try and reset by pushing overload button. (Make sure power switch is off when you try this).

(B)    Motor has no power or extension cord is too long.

(C)    Release pressure from discharge, unloader may be stuck with debris.