The S-flex coupling accepts up to .032 inches of parallel misalignment without wear. The flexible coupling sleeve minimizes the radial loads imposed on equipment bearings, a problem commonly associated with parallel misalignment. The S-flex coupling can be used in applications which require a limited amounts of shaft end-float without transferring thrust loads to equipment bearings. Axial movement of approximately 1/8" accepted.




The flexing action of the elastomeric sleeve and the locking feature of the mating teeth allows the S-Flex coupling to effectively handle angular misalignment up to 1 degree.111111111111111111111

S-Flex coupling effectively dampen torsional shock and vibration to protect connected equipment. The EPDM and Neoprene sleeves have torsional wind-up flexibility of 15 degree at their rated torque. hytrel provides 7 degree wind-up.

This split type insert is available on larger sizes making any future replacement simple. The split insert allows removal without unbolting the motor therefor coupling realignment would not be necessary.