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Model shown # 777
The model 777 is a fully programmable electronic overload relay. An alphanumeric LED display provide programming and diagnostic information. Sixteen parameters can be programmed.
  1) Low voltage set point.  
  2) High voltage set point.  
  3) Voltage unbalance set point.  
  4) CT Size/Loop.  
  5) Over current Trip Point.  
  6) Undercurrent Trip Point.  
  7) Current Unbalance Trip Point  
  8) Trip Class (5, 10, 15, 20, 30)  
  9) Rapid-Cycle Timer (RD1)  
  10) Fault Restart Delay (RD2-Motor Cool-Down Timer)  
  11) Underload Restart Delay (RD3 Dry Well Recovery Timer)  
  12) No. of restarts after an overload (Manual or Automatic)  
  13) RS485 Address.  
  14) Number of restarts after an underload fault.  
  15) Underload Trip Delay.  
  16) Ground Fault Trip Point.  

Programming / Operations

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